AWRT Uganda is a network of professional media practitioners working for gender equality in the media and a fairer treatment for women working in the media in Uganda. The Chapter is chaired by Sarah Nakibuuka, pictured left . IAWRT Uganda’s values are: Honesty, accuracy, openness and justice, and it’s missions are to:

 Strengthen initiatives to ensure women’s views and values are part of programming and to advance the impact of women in the media.

 Provide opportunities, share strategies and contribute towards the development of women in broadcasting and exchanging professional and technical knowledge and experiences.

 Offer professional skills in training with a focus on gender perspective in programs, development issues and management.

IAWRT Uganda organises international, local and regional conferences and workshops for the professional development of its members. The chapter provides a unique opportunity for members to exchange views with various media professionals by supporting production, training and projects for women in Uganda. It also provides a rich resource of knowledge and professional experience through our information exchange forums. The chapter also provides professional media support to various organizations and individuals.

The chapter is governed by a board of 7 members, the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and 3 members. Membership is open to all professional women in the media.


 Increase Women’s roles in production and decision making

 Promote the presentation of non-stereotyped images and other portrayals of women

 Refrain from presenting women as inferior beings and exploiting them as sex objects and commodities

 Develop gender perspectives on issues of concern to communities, consumers and civil societies.

 Research and monitor progress on creating greater equality for women in the media.

 Promote training and capacity building for media professionals and others in ways to overcome gender-based discrimination

 Encourage networks and the sharing of information and expertise on gender issues

 Share professional input among members through networking, workshops, conferences, programme production and management skills.

 To contribute towards the enhancement of broadcasting by ensuring that women’s views and values are an integral part of programming.

 Utilise the professional skills of members to support women in Uganda.


Chairperson: Eunice Nankwanga Kasirye
Vice Chairperson: Stella Teta
Secretary: Agnes Nantambi
Treasurer:Rose Namale

Board members
Irene Birungi Mugisha
Linda Kibombo
Fleria Nalwanga Lwanga.

Badru Road Plot 11
Nansana Wakiso District
P.O Box 3882 Kampala Uganda

Tel: 0772540480/ 0752888909
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]

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