Last episode of Insight Talk is out

From Uganda: Jocylynne Nakibuule in conversation with Nankwanga Eunice Kasirye

In the last episode in the series, IAWRT Board Secretary and Uganda chapter president Nankwanga Eunice Kasirye speaks with journalist Jocylynne Nakibuule on a harrowing news coverage experience where she had to save a life and then still had to write the story.

Listen here.

Insight Talk is an original podcast by IAWRT. It is produced by the IAWRT Long Documentary Committee and Mentorship Committee and created through the support of the Journalism and Media International Center of the Oslo Metropolitan University.

Women journalists from India, Pakistan, Kenya and Uganda share insights on the challenges and breakthroughs while covering the pandemic. This is also with support from the JMIC of OsloMet small projects with IAWRT on women journalists, safety, and media freedom.