IAWRT Chapter India began in 2005 under the leadership of the first Managing Trustee, Jai Chandiram. The vision of IAWRT Chapter India is to enable perspective building on issues faced by women media practitioners, while keeping a sharp focus on the changing media landscape, and work towards creating spaces free from bias, discrimination and abuse, for women media practitioners. We strive for a professional network of women media practitioners that can provide a sustaining space  to build on a shared vision and ideas. These deeper conversations are enabled through our different  activities like film festivals, seminars, workshops and exhibitions. The chapter also seeks to provide a platform to create, share, disseminate and work towards a more equitable media landscape in which women are more visible.

The current board (2020-22) comprises:

Managing Trustee– Aaradhana Kohli Kapur
Secretary -Kiron Bansal
Treasurer– Deepti Khurana

Board Members-
Anitha Balachandran
Bina Paul
Padmaja Shaw
Shikha Jhingan

Contact details:
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: @Iawrt India
Instagram: @iawrtindia

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