IAWRT Tanzania Chapter was not heard in the 1990s although there were members who were involved in the international organisation. The person who inspired us all to join the organisation at that time was Betty Mkwasa, co broadcaster with the then Radio Tanzania, Dar es Salaam. This was after her return from one of IAWRT’s meetings abroad. The first members to join IAWRT were Betty Mkwasa, Edda Sanga, Penzi Nyamungumi and Rose Haji Mwalimu. All were broadcasters with former Radio Tanzania Dar es Salaam now Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC).

Years went by and it was not until 2009 when IAWRT – Tanzania was officially installed as a chapter during the Cambodia Biennual conference. The Tanzania Chapter was officially registered in 2011 as a local NGO under NGO Compliance Act 2002. Membership has grown since then.

IAWRT Tanzania held elections on 18 June 2018 at CDEA Conference Hall, Mikocheni, Dar es Salaam. and elected a new team that will steer IAWRT- Tanzania forward.

Generational Change 2018: Founding Chair Rose Haj Mwalimu hands over to Angela Kilusungu

Angela Kilusungu (Midundo FM, Culture and Development East Africa -CDEA) replaced the founding Chair, Rose H. Mwalimu while Razia Mwawanga (TMF Project Manager) was elected Vice-Chair. Ms. Fatuma Matulanga (Manager TBC) and Oprah Sadallah (Independent Radio/TV Producer) were elected Secretary and Treasurer respectively.

Other members elected to the board are Stella Setumbi (Radio Producer TBC), Editha Mayenga (Radio Producer Tumaini Radio) will be managing projects, and Betty Tesha (Radio Producer TBC) member. The newly elected Chapter Head – Angela Kilusungu says, “Tanzania IAWRT Board will try to enhance advocacy on gender mainstreaming through media.”

On August 8, 2021, IAWRT Tanzania again held a chapter meeting and elected new office bearers. Fatuma Matulanga (head of TBC Zanzibar) was elected head of the chapter. Rose Reuben (Director of Tanzania Media Women’s Association) was elected deputy head of the chapter. Betty Tesha (TBC radio broadcaster) was elected secretary. Oprah Sadallah (TV/Radio Broadcaster of Jaza Co. Ltd) was elected treasurer. Stella Setumbi and Razia Mwawanga were elected board members. Rose Mwalimu will serve as an advisor.

In the meantime members of IAWRT Tanzania are keen to be encouraged and supported to carry out advocacy work for media development and the welfare of women and children. Gender-based violence is on the rise in Tanzania and there is no longer safe space for women and especially children. Children are abused in schools, homes, places of worship and on the streets: a situation that threatens the life and well-being of future generations. The members applauded the hard work and passion for the organization demonstrated by the former management, and their efforts to increase the visibility of the association, particularly their work to ensure the safety of children and women through advocacy work and through gender mainstreaming project. However, they say more needs to be done.

Programme areas
Training/mentoring, coordination, facilitation, radio/television/video programming for advocacy on various social and technical issues: gender-based violence, HIV, AIDS, gender issues, reproductive health, ICTs, scriptwriting, trafficking of children and women, sex workers, 16 days of activism, outreach, and networking.


Chapter Head – Fatuma Matulanga | Vice Chair – Rose Reuben | Secretary General – Betty Tesha | Treasurer – Oprah Sadallah

Board members: Stella Setumbi, Razia Mwawanga

Advisor: Rose Mwalimu

Mikocheni B, Block 1001,
P.O. Box 13355,
Dar es Salaam

Email: [email protected]

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