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“Challenging marginalization and stereotypes: How to build gender awareness among journalism educators” 

An International Women’s Day Online Event hosted by Journalism and Media International Center (JMIC) Oslo Met – Oslo Metropolitan University in partnership with IAWRT

On March 8, International Women’s Day, JMIC & IAWRT will host an online event to launch of a special issue of the Journalism Education journal, addressing issues of marginalization and stereotypes in journalism education. A globally composed panel will address experiences on how to mainstream gender perspectives in journalism education with speakers India, Nepal, Uganda, United States, Poland, United Kingdom and Norway.


The event will take place at:

8 am/ 8:00 in New York,
1pm/ 13:00 in London,
2 pm/ 14:00 in Oslo/Berlin,
4 pm/ 16:00 in Uganda,
6:30 pm/ 18:30 in New Delhi
9 pm/ 21:00 in Manila


Instagram landscape 17th IAWRT AWFF

Event date: 5 March, 2021 – 07:00 to 7 March, 2021 – 07:00

The IAWRT Chapter India is happy to announce the 17th IAWRT Asian Women’s Film Festival in its online edition to mark the International Women’s Day. This edition of AWFF 2021 will be held from 5th to 7th March 2021, facilitating a digital space for showcasing films and discussions during the prevailing conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The festival programme includes fiction, non-fiction, animation and experimental films made by filmmakers from Asia and of Asian origin from India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Afghanistan, Armenia, Malaysia, United States, Finland, Belgium, and Iran. The festival also features conversations around the films to generate dialogue and reflection on ideas and form, making room for filmmakers, across the globe, to share their process. This is strengthened by two Masterclasses – on editing in films with the award-winning editor, Jabeen Merchant and, on sound in films with the renowned sound practitioner Amala Popuri, which focus on questions of craft and practice, and how women practitioners respond to challenges in their work. A special feature of the festival is films by first-time women filmmakers to showcase how the young experience the world.

To facilitate worldwide viewership, each film will be available for a 48-hour window of free streaming via the festival’s online Screening Room. Discussions with the filmmakers and Masterclasses will be live streamed, and are free and open to all. 

We invite you to tune in to the film screenings and conversations. 

Register and follow the Festival’s website for updates!

Festival Schedule!

This year, the experiences of living through the pandemic have shaped the underlying thread of uncertainty that runs through the voices and practices that the programme presents. This year’s programme of 33 films encourages viewers to look towards the challenges facing the world as they manifest in individual and collective lives, and draw from the stories of hope to imagine new possibilities. The films present both the inner lives of characters as well as larger structural issues to reinforce our abiding belief in the inextricable link between the personal and the political.

– Deepti Khurana, Festival Director

The COVID 19 pandemic has shown that in a globalised world, erecting walls and barbed wire fences cannot bring about protection. And so, the need to dismantle enforced segregation and instead build solidarities, is not just a moral imperative but a practical one. As creative media practitioners, we turn to the arts to help us do that, and our festival this year draws attention to this, both in the form that it has taken as an online festival and in the films that are being screened. We continue to strive towards building networks through artistic practice and highlight common ground with women filmmakers from across Asia. For IAWRT India, the Asian Women’s Film Festival is not a festival of what are commonly termed “women’s issues” but one that focuses on women’s perspectives of the world, on questions that are of concern to everyone. 

– Samina Mishra, Managing Trustee

Chandiram Film Festival 21 c


The Jai Chandiram Memorial National Community Media Film Festival is named after the founder trustee of the India chapter of IAWRT and President of IAWRT International (2001-2005), the late Jai Chandiram, in recognition of her significant contribution to community media. The festival is a wonderful platform that brings together community media producers from across the country to share their work and to interact with each other.

The festival is organized by the Deccan Development Society’s Community Media Trust. The Deccan Development Society (DDS) is a community-based organisation that has been working through women’s sanghams (local associations) in 75 villages of Sangareddy District in the state of Telangana, Southern India, for more than three decades. It has a membership of over 5000 women farmers, from the most impoverished and oppressed strata of society. They have been very proactive in mobilising to address their common concerns of food security, natural resource enhancement, education, and health. Community media, both video and radio, forms a key part of their work.

In his opening remarks, PV Satheesh, Director and one of the founding members of DDS, said, “The Jai Chandiram Memorial Community Media Film Festival started its journey in the year 2017. Jai Chandiram, who was a prominent television filmmaker and producer, has always been our spiritual mentor and inspiration because of her work and ideals. Though Jai Chandiram worked in commercial television, her empathy lay with rural, oppressed women and children. And that is why the Community Media Trust (CMT) of DDS decided to celebrate the film festival in her name.”

This year’s edition received an overwhelming response of 27 national entries from 11 Indian states and 7 international entries from West Africa. The festival was organized on 13th February 2021 as a physical event, with virtual presence of jury members.

The jury included Reena Mohan, member of the IAWRT International Board and a noted documentary filmmaker and editor, Prof Anjali Monteiro, IAWRT India member and documentary film maker, as well as Prof KP Jayasankar, award-winning documentary filmmaker, Chinna Narsamma, veteran filmmaker and coordinator of CMT, Prof Kanchan K Malik, University of Hyderabad, and Vijendra Patil, Director of Bars & Tones, Pune.

The three award winning films are:

Log Drum of Pessao (31 mins, Assamese, 2019) jointly made by four fellows of the Green Hub Fellowship programme, that works with young indigenous people in the North-East of India, received the first prize. The film painstakingly documents a rare community practice, from an insider’s point of view: the making of the ceremonial log  drum of Nagaland. It is well shot and edited and gives space to community voices.

Buchad – Heap of Soyabean Crop (23 mins, Hindi, 2021) made by Vishal Garand of Ingit Productions, Maharashtra, received the second prize. It is a short fiction film that represents the travails of a small farmer in the face of climate change, lack of state support and an iniquitous system that ultimately drives him to ruin.

Identity of a Woman as a Farmer (5 mins, Gujarati, 2020) directed by Chandrika Makwana and jointly produced by Drishti and ANANDI, Ahmedabad, received the jury award. The film foregrounds women’s involvement in agriculture and their rights to agricultural property. It is an idea that needs wider dissemination and debate in our patriarchal society.

Anjali Monteiro

IAWRT Chapter India

film festival

Asian Women’s Film Festival 2021 IS GOING ONLINE! 

IAWRT India is thrilled to invite you to the 17th edition of Asian Women’s Film Festival. Please mark these dates in your calendar! Asian Women’s Film Festival is one of IAWRT’s most important annual events and this year it is fully online! 

SAVE THE DATE – 5-7th March, 2021

You can register for festival updates here!  

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City Jail

Journalist Lady Ann Salem is still in jail, a week after a regional court in the Philippines dismissed trumped-up charges of illegal possession of firearms and explosives.

The International Association of Radio and Television (IAWRT) Communications Officer and editor of the online publication Manila Today has been behind bars since her arrest on 10 December.

Her lawyers from The Public Interest Law Center (PILC) filed an urgent motion for release but the prosecution team has aired its opposition. “In response to the opposition of the prosecutor, we argue that the dismissal operates as an acquittal – it is a judgement based on evidence, and on the merits of the case – and is thus final and unappealable. Consequently, the issuance of a release order should be automatic and mandatory. We hope the judge considers this as fairly and as quickly as possible,”  the PILC said in a statement.

Salem’s legal counsel said it’s imperative that the regional court in the Philippines expedite the process to grant her full freedom. IAWRT protests Salem’s continued wrongful detention. Delaying her release is delaying her rightful justice.

IAWRT also calls for a speedy hearing of the case of another IAWRT member, Frenchie Mae Cumpio, who has been in detention for over a year now. Journalism is not a crime. No one deserves to be kept behind prison bars for exercising the right to freedom of speech nor deserves persecution for being a journalist.


Violet Gonda

President, IAWRT

[email protected]







Philippines Court Dismisses Charges Against Journalist Lady Ann Salem

5 February 2021

A regional court in the Philippines has dismissed the case of ‘illegal possession of firearms and explosives’ against journalist Lady Ann Salem (Icy). 

Icy, who is the Communications Officer for the International Association of Women in Radio and Television and editor of the online publication Manila Today, has been in police custody since police raided her home and illegally confiscated equipment on December 10, 2020. 

The court ruling is a triumph for press freedom as journalists around the world continue to  grapple with repressive authoritarian regimes. IAWRT would like to express gratitude to her legal team, who have worked relentlessly towards the release of our Communications Officer.  

Her Filipino lawyers from the Public Interest Law Center announced on Friday that the local trial court declared the search warrant used to search her home as ‘null and void’. As such, the purported evidence against her, which she has long maintained as planted, are inadmissible before the Philippine court. 

“The dismissal of charges clearly demolishes the Duterte government’s vilification and red-tagging campaign against Human Rights Day 7. It is a severe blow to the NTF-ELCAC, which claimed the arrests as a victory in the anti-insurgency campaign. The first blow was their failure to assert this in court: there was no crime to file about it, meaning, it had no legal impact. The nail in the coffin is the dismissal of the cases, exposing not just faulty police work but vicious political persecution,” the Public Interest Law Center said in a statement.

Salem is expected to be released from detention soon now that the charges have been dropped. 

IAWRT also demands the immediate release of another IAWRT member Frenchie Mae Cumpio who has been in jail for over a year for trumped-up charges. Also in this case the police claim to have found weapons and explosives. IAWRT also  demands that the Police immediately return IAWRT equipment illegally seized during the raid.et

We thank our colleagues in the media profession, the human rights community,  and democracy-loving groups and individuals for their support in this fight. 

Reference: https://www.facebook.com/pilcphilippines/posts/1577440415790837

Violet Gonda

President, IAWRT
[email protected]