Vacances Sans Grossesses campaign in Cameroon

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IAWRT Cameroon’s Mokwe Welisane Epse Nkeng Ngoneh lead pregnancy-free holidays campaign

Award-winning Journalist and gender advocate/philanthropist and diplomat Mokwe Welisane Epse Nkeng Ngoneh leads a three-month campaign that aims to educate young girls on the health and social risk of unwanted pregnancies. This is part of her work in the Welisane Foundation.


“As part of our Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights advocacy and programs, Vacances Sans Grossesses targets youths during the long holidays,” said Welisane.


The foundation has designed short key messages on causes, consequences, prevention, abstinence, abortion, menstrual education, contraception to be disseminated by youth peer leaders via social media, mass media, and face-to-face discussions where youths will be gathering for fun activities this holiday.


“The long holiday is a time of relaxation and adventure for young people. However, many due to peer pressure or out of excitement may get involved in risky activities and compromising situations leading to sexual activity,” explains Welisane.


This campaigned is marked by social media awareness messages, mass media appearances, and peer education events organized by the Welisane Foundation and championed by their ambassadors, a webinar, and a boot camp.


“Although both boys are girls engage in this act, sadly enough it is the girl who is affected if she gets pregnant. She misses the next academic year or two. And may end up a school dropout. More so, this could lead to death from attempted abortions or medical complications, depression, suicide, substance abuse among others,” she adds.


The trending hashtag on social media is #SexCanWaitMyEducationCant.


“No girl should miss the next academic year because of pregnancy,” stresses Welisane.



On radio, Welisane produces health programs from Cameroon radio and television such as “Let’s Talk Health”, “Health Matters,” “Your Health Your Wealth” and “SOS Doctor.”


The Welisane Foundation also launched a “Pink October Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign,” “Let Girls Lead Now” mentorship scheme for young girls and the “Menstrual Hygiene Project” to donate reusable pads to displaced and less privileged girls.


The Welisane Foundation will also be commencing the “one girl one dream back-to-school project” for the less privileged and displaced girls to support them with didactic materials and tuition fees or the new school year 2021/2022.


“We will carry out a fundraising event, send appeal letters to our partners and sponsors, and do a general crowdfunding initiative,” shares Welisane.