Trollbusters building Global Resource Hub for Online Abuse

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Dr. Michelle Ferrier of told IAWRT more about this project.

TrollBusters is seeking to build the database with other resources available from civil society to address the harms and continuing hostile environment for journalists.


Trollbusters is working in conjunction with the Organization for Cooperation and Security in Europe (OSCE) to compile a global resource guide of organizations that are assisting journalists to combat online harassment and protect journalists’ voices and freedom of expression.


“The Global Safety Resource Hub is a database of professional and nongovernmental organizations supporting journalists and their safety. We have provided geographic listings, program information and contact information to organizations who are providing direct support, coaching, policy and tech strategies to journalists,” Dr. Michelle Ferrier, founder of, shared.  


The goal is to create location-specific guidelines on support for journalists experiencing online abuse. We will be including resources from more than 57 countries around the globe including the U.S., the European Union, the U.S.S.R. and other geographies.


Dr. Ferrier said the resource guide is designed to direct journalists to organizations in their geography who can help them to navigate the physical and legal threats that accompany online threats.

TrollBusters is the project designer and host. They received initial support from the OSCE to develop the database in 2017 and continue to build the resources for the tool.


Trollbusters is collecting country-specific recommendations for organizations, projects, research centers, technologies and other resources designed to support journalists in digital security, psychological support, financial assistance, legal and other resources. To submit recommendations, go to this link.


Dr. Michelle Ferrier is a member of IAWRT USA chapter.