Tender for IAWRT evaluation Team

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IAWRT and FOKUS are looking for an experienced evaluation team experienced with women’s rights and development co-operation through civil society groups.

The team will produce an assessment report on the International Association of Women in Radio and Television (IAWRT) to identify and assess the network’s organizational structure and capacity. Terms of Reference available here: http://iawrtnorge.blogspot.no/

The evaluation team

The team shall be external to IAWRT and FOKUS and have a designated team leader.
The evaluation team will need extensive knowledge of women’s rights and must:

  • Have demonstrable experience of producing high quality, credible evaluations
  • Have demonstrable experience of working with/evaluating development cooperation through civil societyHave knowledge of media and advocacy work
  • Be fluent in English (spoken and written)


NOK 200 000 (including national taxes / MVA) to include Fieldwork and Chapter visits. Fieldwork to will take place in the first half of 2017. Two of IAWRT’s chapters will be visited and interviews with the member base and other stakeholders will be carried out. A detailed plan for implementation and the selection of chapters to visit will be defined in detail with IAWRT and FOKUS.

Evaluation specifications 

The evaluation will be organizational and process-oriented, with a primary intention of improving the structure and sustainability of the network. The evaluation shall be carried out as a field and desk study. A detailed plan for implementation and methodology as well as the selection of chapters to visit will be defined in detail between the evaluation team, IAWRT and FOKUS, Forum for Women and Development.

Technical proposal

Evaluators shall provide a technical proposal before November 18th 2016. The proposal shall contain the profile of the evaluation team, a detailed description of the proposed approach, methodology, timing and outputs, in relation to the Terms of Reference (ToR), a detailed work plan, a professional fee quotation indicating envisaged actions and a letter of reference. A final decision will be communicated no later than December 1st 2016.

Evaluation report

The evaluation team shall present a preliminary report to IAWRT and FOKUS by April 10th 2017. IAWRT and FOKUS shall have the opportunity to make comments and corrections to the preliminary report. These shall be reflected in the final report.

The final report is to be delivered to IAWRT and FOKUS no later than 28 April 2017.


Submission of technical proposal: 18th of November 2016 to [email protected]

Selection decision: no later than December 1st 2016.

Preliminary report: April 10th 2017

Final report: 28 April 2017