Sania Farooqui show on “Women for Press Freedom”

0915 Sania Farooqui show

The Women for Press Freedom series is in partnership with IPS News.

“These are sharp conversations with journalists from around the world, where we discuss the state of press freedom in their country, on reporting from hostile environments, online violence against women, #metoo movement in newsrooms and more,” Farooqui said of this series.


“We will also be focusing on network and solidarity and how organisations can help create a safe environment for journalists, so they are able to work freely and without any fear.”  


The series was launched at the beginning of August 2021.


The series has featured journalists from various countries.


The first episode featured Elena Pasquini as she talked about the challenges of reporting from the Democratic Republic of Congo and about press freedom.





The second episode featured Nidhi Razdan, journalist from India on freedom of expression and the recent cyber-attacks focused on her, which is still being investigated.





The third episode featured journalist and author Adrienne Lawrence, where she discussed workplace sexual harassment, #metoo in newsrooms, her own fight against ESPN and how her book is a strategic tool to understand all of the above.  





The September 1 episode featured Neha Dixit from India. Dixit has worked as an investigative journalist for over 13 years across multiple mediums including print, television and online.


The conversations are followed by an opinion editorial, covering a particular theme or angle of the interview which is published by Inter Press Service (IPS).


Farooqui recently concluded the first series in her self-titled online show, ‘Not Just About The Sharia.