Open data, the remedy for Climate Change disinformation?

UNESCO with IAWRT, OnlyOneEarth.Science, Smart Campus Cloud Network, Citizens’ Platform on Climate Change and A Sustainable World, Texas Geosciences and The Small Earth Nepal offer this side event to COP27.

The session will discuss the importance of climate change data and explore how open data models can counter disinformation. The aim is to create a global narrative on the importance of open data for climate change. Open data serves as one of the most important solutions to make the climate change processes more transparent, inclusive, and democratic. 

The session will discuss responses for the following questions:

  • What is the state of climate change and natural resource consumption data in communication processes?
  • What can stakeholders do to enhance citizens’ access to and understanding of big picture for existential climate-consumption data?
  • What can be done to institutionalize good practices and processes for climate-consumption disinformation and enhance citizens’ access to information?

IAWRT will be represented by Pamela Morgan of IAWRT USA Chapter.

Pamela Morgan is the Executive Director of Woman In Media – Newark, a not-for-profit organization which she founded that advocates for and educates the community about issues affecting women globally using film, video and new media as its platform. As a global advocate, her work centers on the implementation of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals focused on women and migration.