Nina Sabnani teaches ‘Understanding Design’

Nina Sabnani, a member of IAWRT India, has devoted two years to developing UNDERSTANDING DESIGN, a combination of free online courses that focus on different aspects of Design Education and Innovation. 

In this course, students get to study the basic concepts of design and understand how the design process works for different aspects such as Society, Sustainability, Industry, Collaboration, Innovation amongst others under seven detailed modules. The course features both eminent and young Indian designers who present case studies and offer insights into the process of design. The course has curated content that include reading material, TED talks and films.

The video production of the course was done by Chandita Mukherjee, and additional scripting inputs were provided by Smriti Nevatia, both of whom are IAWRT India members.

Nina intends to reach out to many learners globally, with engaging and enriching content. There are no prerequisites or qualifications required. Learners of any age, young, working or retired, can join for free from any part of the world.

Available on the government of India’s free e-learning portal, SWAYAM, it is a free online course organised by the Open Design School at IIT Bombay where Nina used to teach. 

There are 9919 students enrolled on the course as of posting.

Course: Understanding Design

Course Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tYxuu_o4Mc&t=1s

To Register for the credit course: https://onlinecourses.swayam2.ac.in/aic19_de04/preview

Enrolment ends on August 1.