New IAWRT Awards Coordinator Appointed

The international IAWRT board has selected Arshiya Ashan  for the volunteer position of 2017 Awards Coordinator.

The US Chapter member says she is excited to be taking on this media role.  

IAWRT President, Gunilla Ivarsson, says she is sure Arshiya will do a very good job, using her knowledge, experience, and skills [gained in India and the US] and her energy.” 


For 2017, the awards for excellence in stories about women, made by women media practitioners, will be under under a modernized concept  which identifies three areas of excellence rather than in the mediums of radio, television or film.. The categories will be Social Impact, Innovation and Emerging Talent. 

The awards are presented as part of the IAWRT Biennial conference due to be held in the Philippines in November 2017.