Keep doing it, keep being curious, keep looking for truth


Name: Iphigénie Marcoux-Fortier

Location: Montréal, Québec, Canada

What do you do?

I’m a documentary filmaker.

Why did this type of work interest you, and how did you get started?

After exploring the many possibilities of multimedia during my studies in communication, I became interested in documentary filmmaking, working in just about every key position — director, producer, DOP, soundperson and editor. In 2003, I co-founded the production company Les glaneuses, co-directing several linear documentaries before dedicating myself to BRIB, a project that allows me to explore more innovative narrative forms alongside a diverse team of creators. No matter what topic I set my sights on, my approach is informed by issues of cultural identity, community involvement and collective memory. I was involved for several years, as filmmaker-trainer, in a project that encourages cultural validation through the appropriation of media by Mapuche and Atikamekw indigenous communities. The project is collaboratively run by organizations and groups in Québec and Wallmapu (Mapuche territory).

What part of this job do you personally find most satisfying? Most challenging?

I like doing all that because I learn everyday about ways to live a better life – how to be a better person. I think by sharing that – it’s not just sharing a topic, but sharing a way of understanding life – it positively inspired other people whom, in their turn, in their own way of action, make the difference in constructing societies that better represent us. Every culture has its richness, and I belive in valuating that. 

What do you like and not like about working in this industry?

I’ve work hard to make my own way as an independant filmmaker, and I find it so enjoyable. I love the diversity of the projects and tasks, but also the incredible liberty that comes with it. I think the hardest thing is to learn how to create a good balance between this passion and life’s obligations.

What are your long-term goals?

I would like to keep creating/stimulating a large range of sisterhood/brotherhood between inspired and active human beings.

What special advice do you have for a student seeking to qualify for this position?

Don’t stop. Keep doing it. Keep being curious. Keep looking for truth. Keep spreading it. Keep finding ways to finance it.

Do you have any special words of warning or encouragement as a result of your experience?

I think this work is a commitment that never ends. You can take it as a warning or as an encouragement!

These are my strongest assets/skills, areas of knowledge, personality traits and values are….

I think one of the strongest value/felling that motivates me is the sense of community. And I think in our modern society, it’s a real challenge because everything is designed for the atomisation of individuals. I feel it’s the only thing that will make us stronger, that will lead to real changes. So I try to keep doing it in all spheres of my life. Let’s connect to each other as much as we can. 

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