Journalist Lady Anne Salem transferred to jail

City Jail

IAWRT Communications Officer Lady Ann Salem (Icy) was committed to a regular jail on 28 December 2020, where she will be kept with convicted felons.

She was transferred from the national police headquarters/base (Camp Crame) where she has been held since her arrest on 10 December. She was transferred to Mandaluyong City Jail Female Dormitory. Her lawyer, Kristina Conti, said it will be harder to access her now because of health restrictions. As all „regular jails” are under lockdown because of COVID19.

Conti told IAWRT: “As soon as the case rolls on, the court orders them into a penal/regular facility. We have no inside information about this new jail, where she will be kept with common criminals.” Salem is expected to appear in court on 14 January.

Lady Ann Salem is currently facing two charges: illegal possession of firearms, and illegal possession of explosives. Salem has long denied these charges, saying the evidence were planted by the police.