IAWRT-USA presents a conversation around the Banning of Gender Studies

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IAWRT USA holds a meeting on banning of gender studies on July 30, 8am New York Time

Gender Studies Scholars across the globe have experienced harassment and are under increasing pressures from forces outside the academy who want to delegitimize the field.

For example in Romania, academics, students, and human rights groups have condemned a new law banning gender identity studies in schools and universities, that has accused Gender Studies departments and scholars of “propagating theories and opinion on gender identity according to which gender is a separate concept from biological sex”.

This event aims to bring together member states, representatives of civil society, academia, policymakers, and journalists to discuss those global attacks on gender studies, the dismantling of critical knowledge, and what a future after COVID-19 would look like.

This event is part of a series of conversations of the 14 chapters of the IAWRT and more than 400 members in 54 countries that strives to meet the urgent global challenges faced by women in and around the media.


Invited speakers include:

Dr. Purma Sen, Executive Coordinator and Spokesperson on Addressing Sexual Harassment and Other Forms of Discrimination, UN Women

Dr. Carolyn Byerly, Chair, Department of Communication, Culture, and Media Studies, Howard University

Dr. Cosmina Rughinis, Department of Sociology, University of Bucharest, Romania

Dr. Loredana Ivan, Department of Communication, National University of Political Studies and Public Administration, Romania

Dr Andrea Pető, Professor, Department of Gender Studies Central European University, Hungary

Dr. Geisa Rodrigues, Professor, Department of Social Communication, Fluminense Federal University, Brazil

Anikó Gregor, Sociologist, assistant professor at Faculty of Social Sciences, ELTE University, Hungary



Dr. Diana Nastasia, Lecturer and Scholar, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville