IAWRT USA hosts talk on design technologies and policies for inclusive online expression

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Register in advance for this online discussion on July 23, 9 am Eastern time

The Generation Equality Forum in Paris has come to an end. But as has been said, reported, and reaffirmed, much needs to be done for gender equality 25 years after the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, China in 1995.


With that in mind, the IAWRT-USA chapter and the Media Innovation Collaboratory are hosting a conversation with journalists, entrepreneurs, advocates, and historians titled “With Liberty and Inclusive Technologies for All.”


The internet is weaponized globally and thwarting many from sharing locally relevant and useful information and sharing stories from those communities. Unregulated and unaccountable social media corporations can summarily suspend or silence participants without any recourse, algorithms can drive or dry up the flow.


For women, online and physical attacks serve a double blow – to their private lives and to their professional mobility.


How might we build on the inter-generational knowledge and resilience of courageous women journalists like Ida B Wells, Kagure Gageche, and Lillian Van Der Goot to create safe and healing spaces for inclusive narratives?


The discussion will be moderated by Dr. Michelle Ferrier, Executive Director, Media Innovation Collaboratory, and founder of Trollbusters, a just-in-time service that helps journalists fight online abuse. Michelle can be reached at [email protected]


Panelists include Autumn Slaughter, Judy Gilbert, Shireen Mitchell, Marry Ferreira, and Gerd Inger Polden.

Autumn Slaughter is a Clinical Psychology Doctoral Candidate, Research Assistant for the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma, The University of Tulsa. 






Judy Gilbert is a Zen priest and former Manager of International Production at Netscape.




Shireen Mitchell is the founder/senior strategist of Stop Online Violence Against Women and founder of Digital Sisters/as, the first organization to specifically focus on women and girls of color in technology and digital media. Mitchell can be reached @digitalsista on Twitter.




Marry Ferreira (she/her) is a Brazilian journalist and UN Youth Representative for IAWRT-USA. She holds a master’s degree in Public Media from Fordham University, New York, and is the co-founder of Kilomba Collective, the first collective to specifically focus on Black Brazilian immigrants women, and girls in the United States. Her Twitter is @Marry_Ferreira.




Gerd Inger Polden is a retired TV director, producer, and video journalist from the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) and former IAWRT Vice President of the International Board.





Ananya Chakraborti is a national award-winning documentary filmmaker and journalist, specializing in trafficking and other gender issues. She is also the Chairperson of the West Bengal Commission for Protection of Child Rights. 






Sara Chitambo is a filmmaker, community builder, and communications strategist based in Johannesburg. She currently works as a Communications consultant for UNFPA.