IAWRT Uganda leads International Day of Democracy commemoration

In commemoration of the 2023 International Day of Democracy under the global theme An Era of Democratic Unrest’, IAWRT Uganda has customised its local theme on; ‘Mobilising Media solidarity for women and girls trapped in oppression’. 

Inspired by this theme, IAWRT Uganda is mobilising an activity involving a cross-section of women in the media and beyond to participate in an online panel discussion in solidarity with women and girls trapped in oppressive oppression. This will be held on September 16, 3 pm Eastern Africa time. Speakers include:

  • Lady Ann Salem, Philippines
  • Nupur Basu, India
  • Awaz Lahn, Iraq
  • Yvonn Tshepang Mooka, Botswana
  • Omayma Elmard, Sudan
  • Becky Bissong, Cameroon
  • Claudia Anthony, Sierra Leone

IAWRT Uganda observes that gender equality and the rights of women are being frustrated in the face of Democratic Unrest. According to the Georgetown University Women Peace and Security Index, the implementation of laws on gender equality has slowed down in recent years. At the same time, violence against women has increased, including in politics. 

It is a fact that women’s rights and democracy go hand in hand. Women’s participation in social movements cannot be ignored yet when they centrally take stage, chances of success are so high with recent examples of women playing a major role in opposing authoritarian regimes and military coups in Myanmar, Sudan and numerous other countries for decades. 

Understanding the link between democratic decline and opposition to gender equality is important for those who support democracy and gender equality. The debate on the deterioration of democracy must not be gender-blind. The question could also be, what happens to democracy when gender equality declines? 

 Media has a very big role to play in a democracy as the fourth pillar of democracy, the fourth estate and its stature is in no way less than that of politicians. Through the media’s power to shape and influence public opinions and mobilise solidarity for a cause, we are optimistic about drawing global attention to the women and girls trapped in oppression. 

IAWRT Uganda is therefore leveraging the power that comes with collective diverse voices for a common cause to use the women in the media and beyond to amplify voices of /about the plight of women trapped in oppression. 

Bio of speakers: