IAWRT Philippines raises concerns over journalist killings in Gaza

Executive Board, IAWRT Philippines

As our sisterhood holds the annual 16 Days of Activism to End Gender-Based Violence, we, an organization of women in media in the Philippines, raise our concerns for the lives and safety of our fellow truthtellers who are covering the situation on the ground. This is per reports that are coming in that the seven-day ceasefire between Palestine and Israel ended, without so far, an agreement to extend it. 

In the last weeks, the world has witnessed the intensifying humanitarian crisis in Palestine as Israel continued to display its military might with airstrikes that targeted homes and hospitals. The lives and future of women and children of Palestine were put at risk, if not robbed by the powers-that-be who think that they can rise above the rubbles as victors. They are very much mistaken. 

Journalists were not spared in these indiscriminate bombings and attacks, with at least 58 of our fellow media workers left dead. With bombings happening yet again, we call on Israel to stop the bombings, resume ceasefire, and drop its objective of exterminating the Palestinians.

As journalists, it is our obligation to tell the truth, even at the expense of risking personal lives and security.  We honor and remember our colleagues for their courage and bravery and for responding to the call of duty.

We shall forever call and stand for peace. For human rights and human dignity.

Executive Board, IAWRT Philippines