IAWRT milestones 2018


Regional conference Uganda Sept 2018; scholarships awarded: high profile Gender researcher appointed.   

from IAWRT President Violet Gonda

II am pleased to share the milestones IAWRT International has passed so far this year, much of it due to the good work of our committees.

CSW 62:  UN Commission on the Status of Women: Sixty-second session was held from 12 – 23 March 2018, New York, USA. This year our organization – IAWRT participated in a number of Parallel and Side Events. It was a grand success. See our coverage: UN addresses media and women ; Making IT work for Gender Justice ; #MeToo online ; CSW: Women Speaking out ; IAWRT @Commission on Status of Women62

IAWRT-FOKUS Scholarships: We received 15 very competitive and interesting applications. The Scholarship committee decided to award 13 and the awardees are:

(a) The Philippines chapter. It proposed something out-of-the box. The chapter sent a joint proposal, combining six candidates to attend an Investigative Journalism course for 4 months. Accordingly, IAWRT Philippines will sign a contract with Alipato Media Centre and will facilitate the scholarship for the six members.

(b) Makganwana Mokgalong from South Africa to receive suport to attend a fundraising course. IAWRT is investing in future fundraisers and we look forward to Makganwana assisting us soon.

(c) Valerie Lew from Malaysia to receive funds to attend a Training of Trainer (TOT) course in videography training – another future IAWRT trainer.

(d) Eunice Nankwanga from Uganda to receive a subsidy for her tuition fees for her master’s in management studies majoring in Human Resource Management.

(e) Sumi Khan from Bangladesh will receive support to pay her tuition fees for her master’s in mass communication & Journalism.

(f) Anusha Poudel from Nepal to receive support for her tuition fees for her Masters in Sociology.

(g) Linda Daniels from South Africa to be supported to pay her tuition fees for her masters in business management.

(h) Debjani Mukherjee from India to receive support for her Ph.D. on indigenous societies arts.

IAWRT Long Documentary –  Women Covering Conflict: The Invisible Stories: The Executive Producer is from India – Chandita Mukherjee. The four country directors are – Afrah Shafiq (India), Erika Rae Macapayag Cruz (Philippines), Eva Louise Brownstein (Canada), Khadija Lemkecher (Tunisia). The project is running as scheduled and we hope to receive the completed film by September 2018.

Gender Mainstreaming Project: I am pleased to announce that the committee recommended Ann Mabel Sanyuas as the 2018 IAWRT – Researcher/report writer. The board was pleased to confirm her appointment. It has been decided to expand our work on gender equality in the media to benefit all 14 countries where IAWRT has chapters. We plan to develop a handbook for media students, journalists, and media professionals, based on our experiences and best practices from the GMP pilot and additional research, particularly focusing on experiences and best practices from the Global South. Workshops would be held in the 14 countries to provide applied learning grounded in the handbook.

Regional Conference  in Uganda: The Uganda Chapter’s  proposal, besides outlining capacity building and organizational development, incorporated a draft budget, external funding to augment other expenses and a tentative programme on issues IAWRT will focus on this year. The scheduled date for the regional conference is 2 – 5 October, 2018.

Hope to see you in the Regional Conference. Regards, Violet Gonda IAWRT, Email: [email protected]