IAWRT /FOKUS Scholarships for Studies

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Call for applications – IAWRT /FOKUS Scholarships for Studies 2017

IAWRT International invites members from countries in the global South who are studying, or want to start a study in journalism, mass communication or similar, to apply for a scholarship (maximum one year).

The total fund for 2017 is 7000 USD, which will be divided between 3 or 4 applicants.


1. You must be a paid-up member of IAWRT for at least the last 2 years

2. The area of study should benefit the activities of IAWRT International and/or your local IAWRT Chapter and women in media.

3. Area of study can be for professional development to help the applicant to maintain and strengthen her journalistic skills, or for training on media leadership and management skills.

4. Financial support can be used for professional development training and studies only. (Not for travel and accommodation costs)

5. The member must provide documentation of acceptance from the approved institution.

Recipient Obligations:

1. The beneficiary shall report on the use of their scholarship and study progress, in the middle of the course and upon completion. Failure to report will result in IAWRT demanding the return of scholarship money

2. Proof of completion from the learning institution/faculty must be provided.

3. IAWRT International shall be informed of any other scholarship that the recipients are given.


April 30 2017. Send your application or queries to the Secretariat, [email protected]. The decisions will be announced on 15 May 2017.


  •  All applications will be reviewed by a special committee set up by the International Board.
  •  The committee will contact the head of the applicants local IAWRT Chapter (if applicable) for feedback and endorsement, or require referees if there is no chapter in the applicant’s country.
  •  The committee will propose a list of beneficiaries to the International Board.
  •  The International Board will take the formal decision on the scholarship beneficiaries.
  •  The recipients must sign a contract confirming that the information in the application is correct and confirming the obligation to deliver a written report mid-term and upon completion of the studies