IAWRT ‘Feminist Manifestos’

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Our Organisation Part of Ground-breaking Feminist Theory.

Three hundred years of feminist theory and activism has been drawn together by a US based academic analysing the documentation of women’s organisations, and IAWRT is a part of this history.

Feminist Manifestos by Professor Penny A. Weiss is described by the publisher, New York University Press as “A wide-reaching collection of ground-breaking feminist documents from around the world.”  

Professor Weiss, who is the Chair of the Women’s and Gender Studies Department at Saint Louis University, has collected 150 documents from feminist organizations and gatherings of different ethnicities and religions from over 50 countries. She examined the manifestos, to shown that they contain feminist theory and recommendations of actions for change,

Her examination of IAWRT compares the evolution of our aims and goals between 1951 and 2015, noting that we have long addressed the issue of what the media conveys, and the need for equity in the workplace. Two histories of IAWRT are available from the iawrt.org home page:The History of IAWRT and IAWRT@ 60.

Professor Weiss says IAWRT provides an example of how women use their skills and position in the workplace for feminist ends. We have become more inclusive, and continue to evolve, our latest aims and vision statements are available here. http://iawrt.peoplesresearch.org/about

Feminist Manifestos A Global Documentary reader   is available here.Https://nyupress.org/books/9781479837304/