IAWRT & Commission on the Status of Women


Planning for the NGO gathering parallel to CSW 61

IAWRT has begun planning for its event in New York, alongside the 61st CSW being held between 13-24 March 2017 in New York, USA..

The official main theme for CSW is: Women’s economic empowerment in the changing world of work. CSW will be reviewing challenges and achievements in the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals for women following the Agenda 2030 commitments made at CSW 60. CSW has nominated the empowerment of indigenous women as its emerging issue, or focus area.

To reflect the CSW main theme, at this stage the working title for IAWRT’s presentation is Women Making News in the Changing World of Work. This will most likely be based around a screening of parts of the 2016-2017 long documentary Women Making News with Nupur Basu, the Executive Producer, leading a panel discussion.

IAWRT President Gunilla Ivarsson, says “CSW is an event where experts from across the globe assemble and deliberate on issues concerning women. The event provides an excellent opportunity for the Member States, UN entities, and NGOs to discuss themes of the Commission and other critical gender equality issues, and to network.”


in 2016 alongside CSW60, IAWRT’s well attended event was entitled Exploring Strategies to Eliminate Gender Inequality in the Media. The panelists were:

  • Najiba Ayoubi, the Director-general of Kilid media, in Afghanistan,
  • Gender Links CEO and Chair of The Global Alliance on Media and Gender (GAMAG), Colleen Lowe Morna
  • Dr Carolyn M. Byerly, a Professor in the Department of Communications, Culture and Media Studies at Howard University (pictured right).
  • The event was moderated by IAWRT Norway Chapter head, Bibiana Dahle Piene.

A report on that event, To 2030:”THE BIG STRUGGLE IS CHANGING ATTITUDES” is available here.

IAWRT members who wish to attend this years events under the IAWRT umbrella, as self-funded participants should contact secretariat @iawrt.org as soon as possible and no later than the first week of January 2017.