IAWRT 2015 International Awards!



TV Documentary:  Farzana Boby, Bangladesh, The Poison Thorn (Bishkanta) 

Radio:  Alexandra Christine Hall, (pictured) Clandestine Abortion in Chile, WINGS

Web audio:  Diana Wanyonyi, Kenya, Save our Queens Campaign,  Baraka FM.   


TV: Kristine Ramm, Norway, Feminists of the 70s, NRK ; Adele Tulli, United Kingdom, Rebel Menopause.

Radio: Karena Wynn-Moylan, Australia, Memories of Sarajevo: singing a new song, Bay FM, 99.9; Mindy Ran, the Netherlands, Women on the Frontlines 2015, US-based Pacifica Radio Network.

Web audio: Boni Sones, Throwing in the Towel: how Labour Women MPs fought to change Westminster Politics,The women’s parliamentary radio website.

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