How I Got Started


Name: Dechen Roder

Location: Bhutan

First significant job:

Personally, being promoted from a production assistant to an assistant editor for a big documentary production company (in 2002), as this was the first time I felt that I actually had learnt some skills in documentary production, and they were being recognized. But other first significant jobs: teaching at a film school in the Philippines (visual editing and documentary production), and making my very first documentary in Bhutan in 2004, which was aired on national television. on different levels they are all considered my “first significant jobs”.

What are you doing today?

I continue to work as a freelance filmmaker and head my own production company (in Bhutan) which has produced many documentaries, films, and other audio visual content. I am currently developing a documentary project and a feature film project.

Journalist/s who inspire you:

So Yong Kim, Laura Poitras, Lynne Ramsay.

Three Adjectives that describe you?

Conflicted, Hard-working, Visual-thinking.

What do you value most about IAWRT

Meeting and getting to know so many admirable women in a shared professional field. Solidarity.

Sample work


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