Documentary Executive Producer sought

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IAWRT is seeking member applications for the position of Executive Producer for the next IAWRT long documentary.

The organisation has produced three documentaries consisting of short profiles from different countries on a theme related to women, that are fused together into an international production – Velvet Revolution (2016), Reflecting her (2015) and Hands on: Women : Climate : Change (2014).

For this production, the board has proposed the theme Women covering conflict: the invisible stories.

The President of the IAWRT International Board, Gunilla Ivarsson says the project would attempt to make such invisible stories and the process of reporting them, relevant to a broad international audience; it invites documentary makers to go beyond the immediate in conflict reporting. She says women filmmakers often get access to different stories than men do.

“The victims of conflict are not only those killed: they are also the mothers who could not get to the clinic; they are the unborn child and the long-term consequences of conflicts – the orphan who will not get an education, support or love. We also know that domestic violence is higher in times of conflict.”

The IAWRT is keen to experiment with a film format that would enhance this content to its full potential. Producers with proven track records in leading documentary projects are invited to submit applications for this position.

Applicants are asked for a detailed proposal and treatment note, but will ultimately be be part of a collaborative process to finalize the theme, choose the format, identify the local directors/producers. She will lead the project untill completion.

The documentary is due to be submitted by 1st May 2018.

The budget for the entire project currently stands at USD 28,000. The producer’s proposal should include:

● A letter of intent expressing her commitment to the theme

●  the proposed treatment

● A CV and show reel

● A detailed budget

Deadline for proposals is September 15th, 2017.

Please note the funding from “FRITT ORD” ( Free Speech) in Norway, has no geographical restrictions on the nationality of members who can apply. (i.e members from the global North are eligable).

contact: [email protected].