‘Displacement & Resilience’ wins Award


IAWRT 2019 documentary honoured at South Asian Short Film Festival.

The fesitval is run by the Federation of Film Societies of India in Kolkata, and IAWRT’s 2019 film won the P K Nair Critics’ Award for the best documentary.


The Jury’s citation: “Homeless and country-less, refugees pay the price for wars and purges. The film takes us deep into their psyche and focuses on the humanitarian work being done for their rehabilitation.”

This is an hour-long collaborative film with contributions from film makers Afrah Shafiq, Archana Kapoor and Chandita Mukherje from India, Erika Cruz of the Philippines, Eva Anandi Brownstein of Canada and Khedija Lemkecher of Tunisia.

Executive Producer, Chandita Mukherjee explains how it was made:

In response to a call from the IAWRT, I proposed a concept on women refugees and how they cope with being uprooted from home, which the IAWRT accepted;

Then onward I acted as Executive Producer, steering the project, collecting proposals from women film makers, who are members of IAWRT of different countries, and finally inviting four of them to make their films.

Six of us shot different parts of the film and they sent rough cuts with the full rushes to Bombay.

The final compilation was by Puloma Pal and myself, with additional editing by Shyam Shimpi and Bhushan Ingole, sound design and mixing Atanu Sinha.


Displacement & Resilience: women live for a new day