Crowdfunding for ‘Black People Don’t Get Depressed’ film

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Film director Sara Chitambo has started a Gogetfunding page for a documentary in production

The crowdfunding venture is for a feature documentary on mental health particularly depression in African communities on the continent and in the diaspora.


“The cross-continental film is a vehicle to understanding the directors own clinical depression diagnosis by interacting with different people who are further down the line in terms of their mental health treatment and weaving intimate portraits of participants in Canada, Nigeria, England, and South Africa,” explained the director in the crowdfunding page.


The film challenges the stigma of mental health in black communities and asks us to shift our perceptions of sanity, dignity, and well-being.


“This film is born out of frustration that mental health is largely misunderstood in African communities and those managing mental health issues are relegated to a nuisance, weak, attention-seeking or simply mad. Our treatment and medical options are limited and social needs remain largely neglected,” shared Chitambo.





The amount being raised will go towards the post-production of the film. The page indicated there is less than a month to go to raise the amount needed to complete the film.


The minimum donation is $20. Donate $60 or more and get a mention in the credits. Please go to this page to know more or to donate.


IAWRT South Africa member Sara Chitambo is an independent filmmaker and communications strategist. She grew up in Zambia, South Africa, and Namibia and is currently living in Johannesburg.