Becky Bissong appointed as Department in charge of TV programming in CRTV

IAWRT Cameroon chapter head Tchonko Becky Bissong was appointed as the new Department in charge of TV programming in CRTV in state broadcaster Cameroon Radio Television (CRTV). 

An official installation ceremony was held on September 4 at CRTV’s head office which was chaired by the Director General –Mr. Charles Ndongo and his Deputy Emmanuel Wongibe.  The appointments were one of the major resolutions of an Extraordinary Board meeting of the CRTV; and so there were many promotions ranging from professional ranks to operation executive positions. 

“I feel honoured and privileged that amongst the several competent colleagues who could have been called to serve the CRTV as TV programmer, the CRTV Management threw her arguments on my person… I feel terrified by the immense work that this entails, but somewhat excited, since my creativity and sense of innovation will be put to test, by the fact that I am also called to propose a relooking of what programmes we offer to our diverse viewers who are more and more exigent to the state broadcaster. 

Becky has been a producer for CRTV’s radio for over 20 years. 

“About leaving the radio after over 2 decades, these are mixed feelings! Of course, because I leave a familiar environment where I had groomed several young journalists; most importantly, I leave the airwaves where I had become a dependable voice, especially for women and girls, but also, Radio through which I have become a media personality beyond Cameroon,” shared Becky. 

She served as Unit head in charge of Major events from 2014 to 2017, then as Unit head in charge of Quality Control of Radio programmes from July 2017 to August 2023. She said the last two positions she held in radio seemed to have prepared her for her present job. 

“As Head of Department in charge of programming, my primordial role requires that I ensure quality, diversified, educative and attractive content on the CRTV Premium / Classical/ mother channel. This entails featuring programmes for different categories of viewers: from administrative and political, through development partners, Diplomacy and CSOs, to the different socio-cultural components with their varied needs and expectations. To attain this objective I am called to collaborate with all 10 regional stations, get programmes produced by CRTV Productions and also acquire programmes from external local and foreign producers.  My department is also charged with coordinating and harmonizing live broadcasts of special and National events, as well as the promotion of programmes that will be screened daily. The task is vast, compact, delicate and strategic!” said Becky. 

While the new role is challenging, Becky thinks the new post came at the right moment.

“You know that monotony is counter-productive for anyone. Actuality there have been times when I felt that I should convey my energy towards something different, something new and something more challenging.  And for the practicing Christian that I am, I believe God answered my prayers with this totally new and challenging position,” shared Becky. 

But even prior to this new achievement, Becky feels that she has fulfilled her life’s dream of being a broadcast journalist for 22 years. And through that work, she was able to help thousands of people. 

“I was able to echo the problems of the marginalized, underprivileged and diminished. I was able to reach scores of thousands of listeners in Cameroon and abroad, pointing to the powers that be and how they should channel resources so as to human-centred decisions for impactful development. I was able to point to the taboos, to condemn human rights violations on women and Girls to sensitize them against stigmatization and I was able to speak for equal chances, equal opportunities, the empowerment of women and Girls and the effective participation of women in the decision-making process,” said Becky.  

But her work is not yet done. 

“Though I move to the TV, CRTV is a corporation and a network. I have the responsibility to ensure continuity on the airwaves for the Radio shows… so I have been grooming some young, daring talents to take over…The shift to TV is a call from hierarchy which many would love. For me, this means that the management of CRTV has been following up my career evolution and believes that I am up to the task. Although it looks scary, I have met quite an enthusiastic and neatly woven team here.  I am convinced that with the guiding principles of humility, availability and hard work, teamwork is the magic key that can change challenges to enviable positive results,” she enthused.