Award-winning free online photojournalism course with lifetime access

Radhika Khanna, a member of IAWRT India, has developed an online course on digital photography taught comprehensively through a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Photojournalism. She intends to reach out to many learners globally, especially women, with engaging and enriching content.

There are no prerequisites or qualifications required. Learners of any age, young, working or retired, can join for free from anywhere in the world.

The MOOC on Photojournalism is live with its third run on

In April 2023, this course received the Best MOOCs Award in India’s 24th CEC-UGC Educational Film Festival.

The course features both eminent and young Indian photographers, photo historians and curators, including Avani Rai, Avinash Pasricha, Desikan Krishnan, Dinesh Krishnan, Gopinath Sricandane, Gurinder Osan, Madhuraj, late Navroze Contractor, Nimit Nigam, Poochi Venkat, Prashant Panjiar, Raghu Rai, Prof. Sabeena Gadihoke, Sanjay Prasad Ganguly, Saravanan Janakarajan, Saumya Khandelwal, Selvaprakash Lakshmanan, Shantanu Krishnan, SR Raghunathan, Tanvi Mishra and Vicky Roy.

Available on the government of India’s free e-learning portal, SWAYAM, it is a free online course organised by Pondicherry University, India, where Radhika teaches. The course is a great way for photography enthusiasts to stay in touch with their craft and absorb insights from the masters.

The course preview link has a short introductory video and information on the course content.

To join, click on:

An in-depth review of this course by one of the learners, Prof. Ved Kumari, Vice Chancellor of National Law University Odisha, India, has been published in Class Central’s The Report publication.

The full review can be found here:

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The course started on July 31 and ends on November 24 this year. Enrolment ends on September 15, 2023.