Apply by April 24: Long Documentary E.P.

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Women Making News

IAWRT is seeking applications for the position of Executive Producer for the 2016 IAWRT long documentary with the theme, women making news, which is designed to allow filmmakers to focus on the daily struggle which female media practitioners experience in newsrooms. 

This theme is in tune with the vision and ideals of IAWRT and would also be a continuation of our research in the areas of inequality in the representation of gender in media. Two other IAWRT 50 minute documentaries, which consist of segments of 7-9 minutes from different countries that have been fused into one production, have been made previously. See Reflecting her (2015) and Hands on: Women. Climate. Change. (2014). The international board is keen to see proposals which experiment with a film format that would enhance this content to its full potential.

The executive producer will be part of a collaborative process to finalize the theme, choose the format, identify the local directors/producers and lead the project untill completion.

Producers with a proven track record in leading documentary projects are invited to submit an application/proposal for the project by April 24th, 2016. The completed film must be submitted by 30th November 2016.

Full details below. 

Applications are also open to African chapters or members to run the inaugural African Film Festival (AFF) and 2016 IAWRT Regional Conference.