AIBD TV & Radio Awards 2013 – Call for Entry

The AIBD TV & Radio Awards are open to all AIBD members.

The categories are:

1) AIBD TV Award on “The Best TV Programme on the Economic Recession and the Impact on Developing Countries”

With the current crisis with countries facing bankruptcy and needing to seek bailout funding there has been a significant change in the exchange rates for the Dollar, Euro and Sterling. This change alters the spending power of countries for essential materials such as oil, minerals, food and other commodities.

2) AIBD TV Award on “The Best TV Programme on Cross-cultural Exchange”

In an increasingly globalised world, exchanges across and between cultures can be fruitful, unpredictable and eye-opening experiences.

3) AIBD Radio Award on “The Best Radio Programme on Water Conservation”

As 2013 is the UN International Year of Water Cooperation, what steps are countries taking to conserve this indispensable resource?

4) Reinhard Kuene’s Radio Award on “The Best Radio Programme Promoting Rural Development”

In some countries there is a move to promote rural life and retrain people to be farmers and other skills necessary for maintaining the legacy of rural existence.  

The deadline for programme submission is 30th June 2013.


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