About Us

IAWRT  is a global network of 14 national chapters and members in 54 countries. IAWRT members are professional communicators or researchers in media and communications. We strive to meet the urgent global challenges faced by women in and around the media.

IAWRT  is committed to the enhancement of women’s role and participation in media as gender equality cannot be achieved without gender parity in media and communication. We are a non-government organization (NGO) in consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

IAWRT  advances its mission through national country chapters, organizes conferences, implements projects, undertakes training and activities, and collaborates with media organizations. We also build alliances with international and national like-minded organizations, through the UN CSW and other events. 

IAWRT  is managed by an elected international board, which oversees funding initiatives for local chapter and for member activities.

    Our Events/Projects

    • International and regional conferences, workshops and training for safety and professional development of members.
    • alliances and cooperation with a network of international and national like-minded organizations in UN related activities
    • Support for production of one major documentary biannually
    • Training and projects for women in developing countries delivered through local chapters
    • Awards of Excellence to honor the creativity of women producers of outstanding radio and TV programs.
    • Scholarships to support individual women’s media studies.


    Events/Projects detail

    • Ensuring women have an impact in media: In 2018  IAWRT secured UNESCO funding to develop A handbook of strategies for  and their views and values are integral to programming, it resulted in the 2019  Handbook on working towards Gender Equality in the Media. It was part of the Gender Mainstreaming Project (GMP) which included the 2015 IAWRT report on Gender Equality and Social Justice in Public Media.

    • Safety: to further advance the impact of women in media, IAWRT facilitates safety training (including training trainers) on strategies to enhance the safety of female media workers, in association with conferences and through its website. The Safety Handbook for Women Journalists, published 2017, is available to download - some translation into different languages have begun.

    • Long Documentary: is a unique production form combining input from directors on a common theme in different countries. The 2018-9 theme was the worldwide refugee crisis resulting in Displacement & Resilience: women live for a new day  We have also produced Velvet Revolution: Women making news; Reflecting her and Hands On: Women: Climate: Change.

    • Mobile disaster radio project: IAWRT has helped establish a disaster response community radio in the Philippines and conducted training, mainly to empower women as local trainers/broadcasters.The plan is to expand the project to other countries. much of the process in outlined in Amplifying the People's Voices: The Philippine Community Radio Experience and Challenge

    • Film Festivals: country chapters organize showcases of women filmmakers supported by IAWRT International. The longest running is the Asian Film Festival in New Delhi, the 15th edition in 2019,  the Traveling Asian Film festival (most recently in Nepal). and the African Film Festival which began in South Africa in 2016.

    • IAWRT in consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC): has built alliances and cooperation with a vast network of international and national like-minded organizations, partially through presentations and side-events at the CSW and other UN sponsored events.

    • Rural Women and the Media Pilot Project: took place 450 kms outside Nairobi, Kenya - its aim, to amplify rural women’s voices, through their innovative use of communication and media for a visible and empowered presence - setting their own agenda, fighting for their rights.

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