#16Pledges: Women’s Stories and Voices, Campaign Against Violence and Discrimination through Radio

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Day 12 of 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence

#16Pledges: IAWRT members around the world share their efforts and vision how they can contribute to eliminating violence against women



Radio Nepal Senior Program Officer Chanda Bista: I pledge to feature women’s stories and voices, campaign against violence and discrimination through radio



Ms. Chanda Bista has over 23 years of experience in Radio Nepal. Presently she is running a talk show program called “Ajaka Nari” or “Today’s Women.” The program focuses on women empowerment by bringing those women in the talk who are doing exemplary works in the community to advance and empower women and supporting them to live a dignified life.


During this 16-day Campaign against Violence Against Women (VAW), Ms. Bista’s talk show focuses on advocating for a discrimination and violence-free society. She is bringing out the cases of violence that are happening on the women and children during this pandemic and doing lobby for ending violence.  


One major program she is covering during the VAW campaign is “President’s Women Advancement Program” which is launched by the Nepal Government with the ambition of providing free flight facilities to the rural, poor pregnant women for treatment in the city hospitals, if they have severe complications.


Ms. Chanda is covering daily activities of this program, including the interviews with the Chief of the program and beneficiaries. This program facilitates ending VAW and improving the health condition of women.   


Another major program during the VAW campaign is focusing on the “White Ribbon Alliance” which advocates for men’s active participation in ending domestic violence.