#16Pledges: Support communities to develop their own media for community dialogue and debate, empowerment and development

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Day 5 of 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence

#16Pledges: IAWRT members around the world share their efforts and vision how they can contribute to eliminating violence against women


EMPOWERHOUSE founder Birgitte Jallov from Denmark: I pledge to continue to support communities develop their own media as platforms for community dialogue and debate, empowerment and development.

Through assessments of the impact of these small community-owned media, I have seen how one of the core impacts always is: less violence against women and children! Always! Breaking the silence disrupts the secrecy. It works!


Birgitte has for a lifetime worked to support communities find their voice when building their own community radio stations. In her home-country, Denmark, she in the early 1980s was the co-founder of a women’s radio within a grassroots community radio. Since then she has supported dozens communities all over the world create theirs – always with a strong role for women.


Meeting in BirZeit, Palestine










    Meeting in BirZeit, Palestine  


Community radio assessment in Nonghet, Xiengkhouang Province, Laos


   Assessing the women’s community radio in Tera, in Niger’s desert                              In a village in the southwest of Uganda –

                                                                                                                                                 doing impact assessment of the local community radio


As an active IAWRT member, Birgitte has helped develop and run a project supporting rural women in Africa make active and productive use of social media, and facilitated a participatory process, where IAWRT formulated its current strategic plan.