#16Pledges: Research and solutions to combat gendered violence vs women journos

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Day 1 of 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence

#16Pledges: IAWRT members around the world share their efforts and vision how they can contribute to eliminating violence against women


Associate Professor Fiona Martin from Australia: I pledge to research and disseminate solutions to combating gendered violence against women journalists in the Asia Pacific region and globally.


I am helping document how women journalists are experiencing online attacks, how they are responding and what political, legal and workplace policy changes could help mitigate this problem. In this I am working with Dr Jenna Price, Ms Ayesha Hasan, Ms Liana Barcia and Ms Nirasha Piyawadani, on the Asian region section of the UNESCO funded Online Harassment Project, auspiced by the International Center for Journalists.

As well, I have been helping GenderVictoria and Australia’s media union, the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance, develop guidelines for moderating social media accounts and comments sections, in order to reduce the incidence of gendered violence in these sites, and to support women’s increased, safe participation in the online public sphere. I also spoke at GenderVictoria’s recent UnderThe Radar conference about taking an intersectional approach to tackling gendered cyberhate and misogyny online.