by Empowerhouse / Birgitte Jallov

16 women working with community radio to strengthen the voices and lives of women in their area

Karolina Rogóz-Namiotka, Poland, Radio UWM, Olsztyn

Karolina’s programme focuses on supporting women to be strong and self-defined – to be able to lead the lives they want, with good and supportive women and men!

The guests of Karolina Rogóz-Namiotko are female soldiers, psychologists, priests, cooks, dressmakers, entrepreneurs, presidents, mothers, etc. The host of the show, Karolina, believes that a woman who acts with passion and commitment is able to inspire more women to change for the better. It is a program about self-development, self-acceptance and self-esteem.

Karolina Rogóz-Namiotko explains how important this program is for her “meeting other women gives me a lot of energy and great sisterly love”.

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EMPOWERHOUSE lanuches its contribution to the 16-day campaign by sharing 16 women’s community radio stories: unfolding how each broadcaster has been seeing positive change for women and girls – working intensely to eliminate violence against women and girls.