by Empowerhouse / Birgitte Jallov

16 women working with community radio to strengthen the voices and lives of women in their area

Caroline is a professor (PhD) of radio, researcher, networker–and beyond and above all–a feminist activist. Since she joined ‘Women’s Airwaves’ in the 1980s, she has worked to turn her professional and social engagement real by strengthening women and women’s voices with a focus on ensuring space, justice and empowerment for and of women.

Fem FM – an 8-day radio licence in 1992 – co-created by Caroline and Trish Caverly, was planned for a year, housed in a borrowed 4-storey building, filled with the 200 women (two hundred women, Caroline insists) who had taken holidays or in other ways made the dream of a lifetime come true: UK’s first all women’s radio station.

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EMPOWERHOUSE lanuches its contribution to the 16-day campaign by sharing 16 women’s community radio stories: unfolding how each broadcaster has been seeing positive change for women and girls – working intensely to eliminate violence against women and girls.