​Apply for IAWRT​ ​/ FOKUS​ ​Scholarships​

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Now includes fundraising skills for media projects

The IAWRT President Gunilla Ivarsson has announced an extended deadline​ ​to ​appy ​for a 2017 IAWRT​ ​/FOKUS​ ​Scholarship​ ​for​ ​Studies​.

Apply by​ ​September​ ​10th,​ ​2017​.  $US 3,800  is available to divided amongst applicants.

Any inquiries to [email protected].

The criteria are:
1. You must have been a paying member of IAWRT for the last 2 years
2. The area of study should benefit the activities of IAWRT International and/or the local IAWRT Chapter and women in media.
3. Area of study can be for professional development to help the applicant to maintain and strengthen their journalistic skills, or for training on media leadership, fundraising for media projects and management skills.
4. Financial support can be used for professional development training and studies only. (Not for travel and accommodation costs)
5. The member must provide documentation of acceptance from the approved institution.
6. The beneficiaries shall report on the use of their scholarship and study progress both in the middle of the course and upon completing of the course. Proof of completion from the learning
institution/faculty must be provided. If failing to report, IAWRT International will demand the scholarship money back, to be returned through appropriate means.
6. IAWRT International shall be informed of any other scholarship that the recipients are given.
7. Send your application or queries to the Secretariat, [email protected].

Further details below.