SCREENING SCHEDULE for Festival: India International Centre, New Delhi 2nd - 4th March, 2017

Report of the Regional conference African Women and the Media: Escaping the Prison of Portrayal held in Johannesburg South Africa 26-28 October 2016

Race, Gender, Class, Sexuality Resilience & Reinterpretation - Changing the Symbolic Order of ViolenceMaterial accompanying Prof. Dr. Antje Schuhmann Political Studies, Wits University in the session Breakthrough or Backlash: Women, Media, and Politics. at the IAWRT regional confernce Johannesburg, 2016.

The Deafening Silence 2 - The Public Voice of Women, Gender Links Research presentation and panel discussion IAWRT regional conference Johannesburg 2016.

Material accompanying Tarisai Nyamweda's presentation on findings of the research project – Whose News? Whose Views? South African Gender and Media Progress Study 2015.