A memorandum with a list of demands to make the country safer for women and for government to take action on increasing levels of violence against women and children presented at the 2018 #TheTotalShutdown mobilization across the country’s 9 provinces. 

Report 2017 IAWRT Biennial Conference, Broadcasting and Social Justice: Women in the Media on Conflict and Crisis. Held 9 – 11 November 2017  at Microtel by Wyndham, Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines

IAWRT Long Documentary 2017 Budget format for country segment applicants

What If? ... Safety Handbook for Women Journalists is a concrete and practical handbook, with advice and recommendations on security and safety which is specially addressed to women journalists working in war and civil conflict.

It is not just for foreign correspondents as it uses examples from around the globe, and includes advice for women from community and local media as well as mainstream outlets.

What If? ... Safety Handbook for Women Journalists: Practical Advice Based on Personal Experience

Author: Abeer Saady 

ISBN: 978-82-691536-1-3