This book, like the entire IAWRT Community Radio Station project in areas throughout Central Philippines hard-hit by Supertyphoon Yolanda (International name ‘Haiyan’) in 2013, was an idea borne out of discussions by the IAWRT International Board. 

IAWRT made the groundbreaking decision to support a community radio station project that is based on a pressing need. It also wanted a narration of how the project is being undertaken—its successes and failures—and how it faces formidable challenges in its drive towards full fruition.

Specifically, IAWRT wanted to know how community women, whose voices need amplification the most, are encouraged and engaged to be the most important assets of this arduous undertaking.

This is a documentation of the  project in the hope that valuable lessons are learned. 

IAWRT What If ... safety Handbook for Women Journalists. is © IAWRT.

Production supported by UNESCO Communication and Information Sector and NORSKJOURNALISTLAG (Norwegian Union of Journalists) and it may not be used for commercial purposes. 


Our current IAWRT President is a Zimbabwean Journalist banned from returning from the UK since 2002. Violet Gonda returned to her country to report freely on the recent elections. However, we are concerned about the continued existence of a ‘stop list’ which was revealed to Ms. Gonda when an application to renew her passport was not endorsed because that list prevents her, and presumably other legitimate citizens, having their passports renewed.

Final brief on first pilot project of the IAWRT committee on Rural Women and Media, plans to use mobile phones and social media platforms with women in rural Kenya