The second edition of the IAWRT newsletter this year shares the President's half-year report to members, as well as updates on activities of different IAWRT Country Chapters.

Afghanistan Chapter of IAWRT (AWRT-K) prepared a safety brochure for women journalists in the Dari language

The Handbook on Working Towards Gender Equality in the Media (first edition) showcases IAWRT members’ experiences and best practices for working towards advancing gender equality in and on the media in Kenya, South Africa,Tanzania, India and Uganda. (The Second edition of the GMP Handbook, with a new ISBN number, fixes the layout and tweaks the design and can be downloaded here.)

It is divided into two parts: Actions to foster gender equality in media organizations and Actions to foster gender-fair portrayal in media content.,as suggested by the UNESCO Gender-Sensitive Indicators for Media.

Handbook on Working TowardsGender Equality in the Media. IAWRT & the Gender Mainstreaming Project 

Author: Greta Gober

© IAWRT 2019 ISBN 978-82-691536-0-6

Report of Regional Conference, IAWRT-Looking into the Future, held at the Imperial Botanical Beach Hotel in Entebbe, Uganda 2 - 5 October 2018.

Prepared by Geeta Sahai