Media Gender Equality Strategies

A handbook of strategies for ensuring women have an impact in media and their views and values are integral to programming, has been completed and is now available in our publications section.

A Handbook on Working Towards Gender Equality in the Media: IAWRT & the Gender Mainstreaming Project, written by Greta Gober, showcases IAWRT members’ experiences and best practices of working towards advancing gender equality and women’s position in and through the media.

It is divided into two parts: Actions to foster gender equality in media organizations and Actions to foster gender-fair portrayal in media content. 

The handbook was fist and foremost developed as an internal resource for IAWRT chapters to learn from each other's work. The work presented comes from countries in which the project was first launched, i.e. IAWRT Kenya, South Africa, and Tanzania. IAWRT India and Uganda were not formally part of the GMP, but as both chapters are very active in working towards advancing gender equality in and through the media examples of their work also laid the foundations for the handbook.

Inspired by these activities in 2018 new IAWRT chapters joined the project and Gender Mainstreaming activities were launched in Nepal, Cameroon, the Philippines, USA, and Iraq-Kurdistan.

But the handbook was developed also as an external resource for those concerned with the status of gender equality in the media and those who are looking for inspiration on how to advance this objective in their work. We hope, therefore, that this handbook will be useful to civil and non-governmental media organizations, media and journalists’ unions and associations, academics in journalism, media and communication, and in training and research centers and institutions.

It will be officially launched in Norway. 

This is the final phase of the GMP project, which began in 2014, and in 2018-9 has focused on reporting of gender equity issues, and equal employment and safety for women in the media industry. Click for Detail of GMP project.   

The GMP project was made possible by the support of Forum for Women and Development (FOKUS) and UNESCO-Norway.