Gender Mainstreaming

Following the global consultation that was organized within the framework of the Women Make the News 2010 campaign under the theme “Towards Gender Sensitive Indicators for Media: Best Practices for Gender Perspective in Media and in Media Content”, UNESCO and IFJ have jointly prepared the first draft of the Gender-Sensitive Indicators for Media (GSIM).

IAWRT inducted the members from its ten chapters to begin interrogating the gender sensitive indicators as a means of engaging the public broadcaster towards implementing the principles and practice of gender equality in media, in pursuit of the 1995 United Nations Beijing Platform for Action. IAWRT is carrying out the baseline study of their gender profiles so that the findings will inform the advocacy for equal representation in the media. Consequently, these will influence and affect on air content.

Our members in the India and Philippines chapters are part of the wider Asia Broadcasting Union and UNESCO initiative to implement the same.