Journalist and Gender Advocate


Radio producer

Yaoundé, Cameroon

Name of job: Unit head Cameroon Radio Television Corporation (CRT)

What type of projects do you do?  Currently, I am Unit head in charge of quality control of packaged and live programmes on the National station of the CRTV.

I produce and co-produce a handful of radio programmes to raise awareness on the health needs and Education rights of girls and women, not to forget the specific needs of persons living with disabilities. So I work on media campaigns to reduce the prevalence rate of HIV/AIDS among girls and women, programmes to end Gender based violence and discriminations.

Why did this sort work interest you, and how did you get started?

Actually, I am in my 20th year of a full and exciting career as a journalist and Gender Advocate working for the protection and promotion of the Human Rights of Women and Girls.

 (I am known better as TCHONKO Becky BISSONG as I am married to Tchonko)