IAWRT 35th Biennial Conference

Over 70 media women from 25 countries attended the International Association of Women in Radio and Television (IAWRT) Biennial conference in Casablanca, Morocco from 24-26th October 2013. The theme of the conference: Confronting adversity: Women in Media during conflict and crisis; in Morocco, was developed to address pressing issues around the plight of female journalists in North Africa amidst conflict. The attendees included documentary filmmakers, radio and television professionals, bloggers, and other electronic media women.

The conference, which was organized in collaboration with the Réseau des Femmes Journalistes du Maroc, was held at the Lido hotel in Casablanca, consisted of plenary sessions and workshops on themes that included: The Situation for Women Journalists in Morocco; Safety Online and Offline for Female Journalists; Women in Media during Conflict; Crisis to Investigative Journalism and Media Ethics; iPhone Video Production; Challenges for Independent Producers and Community Radio at the Heart of Leadership and Development.

Two flagship projects entitled, Reporting on Women & Climate Change and Gender-Mainstreaming were also presented in workshops where members had the opportunity to discuss and make contribution to the way forward on them. 

All eligible board members were re-elected for a second term. For the first time, IAWRT has a board member from the Maghreb, Khedija Lemkecher, a documentary filmmaker from Tunisia, replacing Professor Liz Miller also a documentary filmmaker who has reached her term limit on the international board after six years of service to the organization. Bibiana Piene, head of the Norwegian chapter, has been co-opted to the board as a non-voting member. The Norwegian Chapter head is IAWRT’s liaison to FOKUS, our main funder.

Newly-elected IAWRT Board Members:
Rachael Nakitare (Kenya), President (2nd term) -TV
Gerd Inger Polden (Norway), Vice President (2nd term) - Film
Ananya Chakraborti (India), Treasurer (2nd term) -Film
Violet Gonda (Zimbabwe), Secretary (2nd term) Radio & TV
Valerie Lew (Malaysia) (2nd term) Film
Sheila Dallas-Katzman (United States) (2nd term) Social Radio/theatre
Khedija Lemkecher (Tunisia) (1st term) - Film
Bibiane Piene, (Norway -non-voting) (1st term) - Blog

We are also pleased to announce a new look to our website. The minutes from board meetings will be available each month. We are currently gathering materials for the full conference report, which will also be made available on the website as soon as possible. 

All Chapters and members are asked to keep fellow members informed of your latest happenings on the member’s page. Member’s profiles and contact information will help us to work together on projects and events. The board looks forward to working with IAWRT members to strengthen and grow the organization for the next two years. All queries and feedback may be sent to secretariat@iawrt.org.

A special thanks to the Lido hotel management for hosting a lavish dinner with live entertainment for conference participants.

Violet Gonda
IAWRT Secretary