Digital Safe House: Roundtable discussion on facing and overcoming challenges to women journalists’ safety and well-being

Event date: 
27 December, 2021 - 05:00

27 December 2021, 5pm Manila time

In recent years, and under the current administration, journalists have experienced veiled and blatant attacks on the media and on individual journalists. Journalists have seen and experienced things that have happened only during Martial law, while some are unprecedented.


ABS-CBN was shut down and denied a franchise in the middle of the pandemic, while alternative media outfits continue to suffer cyberattacks aimed at website takedowns.


There have been 22 journalists killed since 2016 in relation to their work. All of them men, 11 of them from Mindanao where our current and outgoing president came from, and 7 of the 11 were killed during Martial Law in Mindanao.


Women journalists, on the one hand, while missing from that list of journalists killed, had to live through the attacks, threats and the effects of these on their work, family and person. It does not help that misogyny and tyranny emanate from the top leader of the country.


From covering through rape jokes, being catcalled or banned from coverage, to legal harassment and weaponization of law, warrants and public morals, red-tagging, and imprisonment, women journalists had to survive through all this and still pursue their vocation to report the facts, speak truth to power, change the ills of society.


Due to increasing attacks on women journalists and the scourge of online harassment even before the pandemic when we all retreated online, the International Association of Women in Radio and Television has this concept of a Global Digital Safe House for a couple of years now. With the help of the International Media Support, we are now able to realize a pilot of the Digital Safe House for women journalists in the Philippines. After the launch of the Digital Safe House in the Philippines on December 10, we hope to hear from journalists themselves and learn more about what various groups can do and how we can all work together to face and overcome challenges to women journalists’ safety and well-being to also help sustain the efforts we started through the building of the Digital Safe House.



Lynda Garcia, IAWRT Philippines President 

Janess Ann Ellao, IAWRT Philippines board