In Transit: A Collaborative Production Planning Workshop

Event date: 
19 June, 2021 - 10:00 to 20 June, 2021 - 10:00

19-20 June 2021, 10am Montreal


Liz Miller (IAWRT member) and Helen De Michiel (San Francisco based filmmaker, author, and community designer), invite you to join us for a workshop on collaborative pre-production for media projects. This is held in association with IAWRT Documentary Committee and the MDOCS Storytellers Institute at Skidmore College (USA).


What is this collaborative workshop?

In this workshop, 10-12  participants will work with facilitators Helen De Michiel and Liz Miller to model a process of participatory pre-production that invites expertise and creativity at the beginning stage of a project.  This is an exploratory process that will map out, extend and deepen next steps for future collaborative podcasts and documentaries. This method can be used by any member  with their chapters or in their own projects.


Covid -19 has demonstrated to all of us the necessity and the power of collaboration. This is an opportune moment to pause and plan for future collaborations.


The participants will be encouraged to offer a similar workshop for their local chapters later in summer/ fall.


Who are the facilitators?

Helen De Michiel is a filmmaker,  community designer, and author. Liz is already known to members as a filmmaker and educator. Each of us have made co-creation, collaboration and community a central part of our filmmaking, teaching  and writing practice. Together, we are artists-in (remote)-residence for the MDOCS Co-Creation Storytellers Institute that has a focus on co-creation, during June 2021. IAWRT members are invited to join additional events hosted by the Storyteller Institute.


When will this happen?

Saturday Session - Amplifying Interaction/Strengthening Group Dynamics (90 mins)

Sunday Session - Engaging Diverse Ideas in Co-Creation (90 mins)


How to take part?

Due to limited room in the interactive process, participants will be handpicked. Please contact Kristine Ramm and Liz Miller for more information.