With Liberty and Inclusive Technologies for All

Event date: 
23 July, 2021 - 09:00 to 11:00

23 July 2021, 9am Eastern time


IAWRT-USA and the Media Innovation Collaboratory are hosting a conversation with journalists, entrepreneurs, advocates, and historians to design technologies and policies for inclusive online expression. 


The internet is weaponized globally and thwarting many from sharing locally relevant and useful information and sharing stories from those communities. Unregulated and unaccountable social media corporations can summarily suspend or silence participants without any recourse, algorithms can drive or dry up flow. For women, these online and physical attacks serve a double blow - to their private lives and to their professional mobility.


How might we build on the inter-generational knowledge and resilience of courageous women journalists like Ida B Wells, Kagure Gageche, and Lillian Van Der Goot to create safe and healing spaces for inclusive narratives?