Digital Safe House Media Activism Webinar

Event date: 
25 November, 2021 - 19:00

25 November 2021 1900H Manila

This webinar is organized in response to online and offline harassment and violence experienced by journalists around the world. IAWRT in partnership with International Media Support is building a Digital Safe House and Collaboration Platform for Women Journalists in the Philippines. 

The success of leading affected journalists to safety greatly depends on the ability of the affected journalist’s immediate and local network to mobilize existing international support networks. Being able to effectively share information on the attack with a global network of journalists and organizations working with the safety of journalists is thus critical to end impunity for crimes against journalists. 
IAWRT has experienced this firsthand when our Communication Officer Lady Ann Salem was arrested on trumped up charges, when our members were evacuated from Afghanistan and finally when along with 59 other organizations, we joined the #HoldTheLine Coalition to protest and support Maria Ressa and independent media under attack in the Philippines.

With this webinar we aim to exchange experiences and develop guidelines for other journalists and organizations who might find themselves in a similar situation, trying to mobilize local and international networks to support colleague/s in danger. 

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Violet Gonda, President of IAWRT, opening remarks 

Roy Barbosa, News and Features editor, Manila Today, on behalf of Free Lady Ann Salem Network

Rebecca Vincent, Director of International Campaigns for Reporters Without Borders, on behalf of #Hold the Line Coalition 

Joseph Hamood, Safety and Risk Manager, on behalf of International Media Support's experiences from Syria,

Nupur Basu, Award-winning journalist, documentary filmmaker and media educator from India, Member of IAWRT India chapter, on behalf of IAWRT’s experiences from the Afghanistan evacuation mission

Greta Gober, Vice President of IAWRT, closing remarks and moderating the event