Women Covering Conflict: the invisible stories

The theme for the Long Documentary Production 2018 is Women Covering Conflict: the invisible stories. 

The Executive Producer is Chandita Mukherjee from India who says the long documentary is in the context of rising intolerance and polarisation all over the world. "We find that plural societies and ideas of democracy and freedom are threatened." 

"The spiral of decline goes from discrimination against a group to persecution – violence – escape – migration – refugee status – refusal of refuge – inability to settle or integrate into a new land ... there is a gender aspect to all such stories which become invisible in the coverage by the mainstream media. Our focus will be on making the invisible visible."

The four country directors tasked with bringing out the state of the women caught in the conflict are Afrah Shafiq (India), Erika Rae Macapayag Cruz (Philippines), Eva Louise Brownstein (Canada), and Khadija Lemkecher (Tunisia).

The project is running as scheduled and we hope to receive the completed film by September 2018.